Patrimonio Industrial de Galicia


Galicia’s industrial heritage is the set of goods –material and immaterial– that shape the specific characteristics of the industrial culture in our land and that reach an enormous value as testimony and inheritance of such a significant as unforgettable part of his History. Consequently, it includes personal property, real estate and immaterial goods linked to the industry and of artistic, historical, anthropologic, architectural, paleontological, archaeological, ethnographic, educational, scientific and technical interest, besides the documentary and bibliographical heritage, and also the industrial landscapes, are natural or urban.

It is Buxa's aim the knowledge, protection, conservation, increase, diffusion and promotion of the industrial heritage of Galicia, as well as his investigation and transmission to future generations. To know is the first step to respect, and to respect is the best way to preserve: the industrial heritage is a common good that speaks about us and that we must estimate and put in value as an inseparable part of our cultural heritage.

In this section you can find the industrial good you are searching for introducing his name or the information you have got about his characteristics and location.

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016 Muíño do Cádavo Pontevedra Muíño de vento
017 Muíño da Vila de Abaixo Pontevedra Muíño de vento
018 Muíño de Lorenzo Pontevedra Muiño de vento
019 Muíño de Riveiro Pontevedra Muíño de vento
020 Muíño de Catoira Pontevedra Muíño de vento
021 Muíño de Moure Pontevedra Muíño de vento
022 Muíño de Casal Pontevedra Muíño de vento
023 Muíño de Miguez Pontevedra Muíño de vento
024 Muíño do Vento de Santabaia Pontevedra Muíño de vento
025 Muíño do Monte Mesón Pontevedra Muíño de vento
026 Muíño de A Gramela A Coruña Muíño de vento
027 Muíño do Campo da Torre A Coruña Muíño de vento
028 Muíño do Porto de Espasante A Coruña Muíño de vento
029 Muíño do Faro A Coruña Muíño de vento
030 Muíño de José Domínguez no Picón A Coruña Muíño de vento
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