Buxa, The Galician Association for the Industrial Heritage, is born!

Buxa, The Galician Association for the Industrial Heritage, enrolled in the Central Associations Register of Galicia (Spain). Its aim is to study, protect, conserve and explain the remains of industrialization. Its President, Dr. Manuel Lara-Coira, PhD in Industrial Engineering who currently teaches at the Corunna University (Universidade da Coruña) considers that “To achieve public interest and affection for the industrial heritage and favouring the appreciation of its values are with no doubt the surest ways to conserve it”.

The Association proposes to investigate the industrial heritage (archaeological, ancient, modern and contemporary) to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the many thousands of sites, monuments and items of machinery that together constitute our industrial heritage. Buxa will organize studies and events, and will encourage publications, exhibitions, television, the Internet and other media, to actively explain and disseminate the meaning and value of the mentioned industrial heritage.

Professor Lara-Coira states that ”Conservation of both industrial heritage and industrialization tracks can have –and must have!– pooled activities with clear economic content to contribute to such recovering but prior to anything else they should guarantee and ensure its preservation and timeless continuity. Construction and conservation themselves, functional maintenance, specialized tourism and educational uses are some of the possible activities that should be kept in mind from the early design of any of this projects”.





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