“La Concepción” paper mill

Fábrica de papel continuo La Concepción Torre do río, la antigua fábrica de papel continuo “La Concepción” (M. Lara, 2010)

Many months of absence… but here we continue, expanding the inventory and modifying some performances of this website for a better use of its users, and especially of our members.

And we resume the contact visiting which was “La Concepción” paper mill, another magnificent example of activities and proposals that serve to keep with brilliance the reminds of our industrial heritage.

These facilities were the first ones of this kind in Galicia, and they started operation in 1862, using the waters of the river Umia to move two turbines that dragged six grinding cylinders and elaborated continuous paper in a Fourdrinier machine.

The elaboration of wood pulp, initiated in Spain towards 1880, supposed the beginning of the end of the paper mills that used rags as raw material, that they could not resist the new rivalry.

“La Concepción”, placed at A Baxe, parish of St Andrés de Cesar, Municipality of Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra) is now called “Torre do río” (The tower of the river) and offers some splendid and welcoming facilities in which to accommodate. I want to thank to Begoña Quivén and to Rodrigo Rey the attention that they gave me letting me to access the premises and to take numerous photographs of the magnificent work performed in the refurbishing.

Fábrica de papel continuo La Concepción_2

Complejo hostelero "Torre do río", antigua fábrica de papel continuo "La Concepción" (M. Lara, 2010)




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