181 catalogue cards in the inventory


Fábrica de tecidos do Seixo (M. Lara, 2010)

They are already one hundred eighty-one catalogue cards which we have entered into the inventory of our industrial heritage, references ranging from the oldest salt mines up to the most modern power plants, passing through mines, tanneries, textile mills, bridges, shipyards, lime kilns, brick and tiles factories, or mills (river, sea or wind powered). In short, any facility connected with the wide field of industrial activity. It is very important the work other associations do and which contributions also help us to extend and complete this inventory.

CD_Plataforma da báscula das caleiras de Moeche

Plataforma da báscula das caleiras de Moeche (Manuel Lara, 2011)




  • pepe dominguez pepe dominguez 2011-06-14, at 4.09 pm

    Parabens a todos os que participades nesta exemplar e activa asociación.

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