Sociedad Anonima Cros

CD_2010-10-23_2 (Fotografía de Luis A. Rico Varela)

Comezo da descontaminación dos solos (Fotografía de Luis A. Rico Varela, 2010)

By the end of 1931 the Catalan company Sociedad Anónima Cros inaugurated in El Burgo (surroundings of Coruña) a factory to produce fertilizers commonly used in Galicia since early the 20th century. Raw materials were pyrites from Huelva and natural phosphates from Casablanca (Morocco) and Sfax (Tunisia). By 1935 the company employed one hundred workers and she expanded the range of products manufacturing lime sulphate.

In 1960 the production directed to complex and granulated fertilizers, besides manufacturing sulphuric acid and other types of acids for the canning industry, mainly Copiba and Pebsa. The installations stop working in the decade of 1980 and already in the year 1989 Sociedad Anónima Cros merged with Unión Explosivos Río Tinto to create Ercros, S.A., and the old installations of El Burgo were abandoned.

In the decade of 1990 and beginnings of the one of the 2000 many of the installations of Cros –warehouses, metallic structures and even the brick chimney– were demolished and the greater part of the area (some 125.000 m2) urbanized. Households and a shopping centre were built, besides a walk by the river bank and a wide green area.

Last autumn 2010 they start decontaminating the soil and demolishing the walls between the structural elements of the buildings, that are going to be consolidated and recovered to house a cultural centre.

CD_2011-06-22 (Fotografía de Luis A. Rico Varela)

Consolidación estrutural (Fotografía de Luis A. Rico Varela, 2011)




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