5th European contact weekend for industrial and technical heritage volunteers and associations


E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage is the European platform promoting contacts and co-operation between nonprofit volunteer associations, the place where those can meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other and support each other’s activities and campaigns. After the successful meetings in Beringen and Kortrijk (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), and Calais (France) each attended by representatives from a dozen countries, E-FAITH is now going to organize in Tilburg (The Netherlands) a Fifth European Contact Weekend for volunteers and nonprofit organizations that are engaged in the research, the preservation, the interpretation and/or the presentation of the industrial and technical heritage. It will again be an open and stimulating meeting where organizations and individuals can present and compare their ideas, projects and results, and find out where cooperation or common projects can grow, how they can support the aims of colleagues and how colleagues can support their objectives. This will be possible by lectures and oral presentations, leaflets, information stands, posters and small exhibits. Each participant is allowed to use the presentation techniques that to him/her seems to be the most appropriate. The main themes of the meeting regarding industrial and technical heritage will be: – Campaign for an European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year – European border crossing cooperation between associations – twinning between associations – exchanging experiences from the field – discussing the possibilities of launching joint European projects


Audax Textielmuseum (Tilburg, The Netherlands)




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