CD_Allariz_A Raspiña

Fábrica de A Raspiña, acaroada á ponte de Vilanova (Manuel Lara, 2011)

It was already ancient the debt contracted with this very beautiful town where we can find in so many and so fondly taken care footprints of the first industrialization: fabrics, leathers and –of course– the gristmills of the Arnoia, with his inimitable breather. It is clear why in 1994 it snatched to Berlin the maximum qualification in the European Urbanism Awards with the Ordination and Integral Recovery Plan for the Historical Settlement of Allariz and his River. We will go gently incorporating to our Inventory his rich heritage: A Raspiña, Acearrica, O Rexo, Vilanova…

CD_Allariz_Vilaboa_A Casqueira

Fábrica de A Casqueira, en Vilaboa de Allariz (Manuel Lara, 2011)




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