La Arzuana


La Arzuana dende O Foro (Manuel Lara, 2012)

Casimiro Macía, carpenter, Andrés Camprubí, weaver, and Manuel Solórzano, foundry worker, established by 1882 the industrial signature “Casimiro Macía Channel and Cía.” for the exploitation of a cotton fabrics’ factory by the right banks of the Tambre, in O Forum, parish of Présaras of the municipality of Vilasantar (A Coruña). They would be the pillars of “The Arzuana”, that by 1907 will be expanded and updated by the Miranda brothers under the social reason “Hilados y Tejidos de Vilasantar”.

The splendorous times of the first third of the 20th century, gave way to the Spanish postwar complications. Since 1958, the brothers Tomás and Enrique Rodríguez-Sabio would assume all the faculties of the Board of Directors of the society. By December 8th, 1962, a fire destroyed the installations that would from then on remain abandoned after eighty years devoted to manufacture of raw cotton cloths.

I would like to thank the current owners, Mr Antonio Boado and his wife, Mrs Manuela Fernández, who reconstructed the dependencies to devote them to agricultural farm under the name of “Granja La Vieja Fábrica”, the attention they paid me in a recent visit after the footprints of our industrial heritage. Soon I will complete with their data the file that I will add to our Inventory.


O acceso actual ás instalacións da vella fábrica de tecidos de Vilasantar (Manuel Lara, 2012)




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