Sargadelos’ Iron Foundry

We celebrate Buxa’s fourth anniversary incorporating into our Inventory the catalogue card of Sargadelos’ Iron Foundry, which together with the Factory of Pottery it is not only an emblematic memory of the Galician Industrial Heritage, but also of our unique

Lombard Tower

There are in Allariz many tracks of  our first industrial heritage, namely those related to the tanning industry


An unlucky performance of the public administrations in the realisation of the maritime walk of Mugardos has had as consequence the partial destruction of the Bestarruza’s Salting Plant, one of the few rests that remain in the estuary of Ferrol

Moreiras’ Cannery

Our 207 file from the inventory shows another milestone in the huge saga that started in Galicia the Catalonian Manuel Goday Roula by 1790

O Petirro’s Mill

The generosity of the responsible of his recovery, the architect Francisco Márquez-Taín, incorporates to our Inventory this amazing hydraulic complex developed in the highlands of the river Lérez. Which was once known as O Petirro’s Mill is an outstanding example

Vilanova’s Tannery

You can already review file 205 “Fábrica de curtidos de A Raspiña ou de Vilanova” in our Inventory