Restos supervivintes da Salgadeira da Bestarruza (Manuel Lara, 2012)

An unlucky performance of the public administrations in the realisation of the maritime walk of Mugardos has had as consequence the partial destruction of the Bestarruza’s Salting Plant, one of the few rests that remain in the estuary of Ferrol of those warehouses that established by his banks by the beginnings of the 19th century.

It is expected that the combined efforts of individuals and public organisms are now able to repair in some way such an outrage against that outstanding example of our cultural heritage, consolidating the still recoverable installations like a memory of the work and the entrepreneur effort of the precedent generations.

Thanks to the documentary and graphic contributions of his owners, we expect to incorporate in short this new catalogue card to our Inventory of the Galicia’s Industrial Heritage.

In the meanwhile, the courtesy of the Mugardos’ Restaurant “A Jarabeta” allows us to insert this photography of A Bestarruza, where the steamboat companies of Cancela and Martínez established their base at the beginning of the 20th century, and in which one still can appreciate the perimetral walls of the salting plant, that was then used as a warehouse of coal and accoutrements for the boats.

Embarcadoiro da Bestarruza ca. 1900

O embarcadoiro da Bestarruza contra 1900 (Cortesía do restaurante mugardés A Jarabeta)




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