Complexo mineiro de Fontao (Manuel Lara, 2009)

There seems some of those we allow the management of our taxes to, they do not know that “urban-planning or cultural protection of a good guarantees its conservation, whereas the conservation is not a guarantee for protection”.

The initial approval of the General Plan for Municipal Planning of the Municipality of Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra), last February 17 of currents, does not contemplate any degree of protection for the set of Fontao’s mining facilities (Catalogue Card no. 106 at Buxa’s Inventory), which –mutatis mutandi– means the kick-off for its destruction.

The industrial heritage is a common good that tells about us, and that we must estimate and value as inseparable part of our cultural heritage. To know it is the first step to respect it; to respect it is the best way to preserve it; to protect it is the only way to preserve it.

Any action or omission that propitiates the lack of protection for the Fontao’s mining industry shall be another stick in the wheels of ourselves’ own respect indispensable recovery. That’s why we request to, in the period of allegations to the General Plan of Municipal Planning for the Municipality of Vila de Cruces, consider a suitable protection accordingly to the patrimonial importance of a mining area documented at least from 1871, still in the best conditions for a recovery, conservation and valuation that should not be difficult to gain.




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