2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year


In most European countries volunteers and NGOs are working hard to turn the Campaign ‘2015 European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year’ into a succes. May we call everbody, organizations and individuals, to join this initiative – it’s upon you and so many other to take up the challenge.
Please spread the message via you’re your media: your newsletter or journal, website, newsgroups, social media etc.

If your association or institute does have ideas or plans special activities for 2015, if you are looking for contacts and co-operation with colleagues or similar organizations in other European countries then get as soon as possible in touch with the European campaign secretariat:

European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage (E-FAITH)
c/o Vredelaan 72, B-8500 Kortrijk (Belgium)


or see the websites www.e-faith.org/home www.industrialheritage2015.eu




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