The abandonement of the heritage


Real Fábrica de Fariñas do Ponto (Juan Pita da Veiga, 2016)

In 1785 Santiago Beaujardin, vice consul of France in the town of Ferrol, undertook the construction of a flour mill in Las Aceñas del Ponto, in the estuary of the river Freixeiro. His compatriot and partner, Juan Lembeye, Supply Commissioner of the Royal Armouries and director of the Royal Maritime Company, was in 1796 the sole proprietor. With its three mills and a milling capacity of over one thousand tons a year, there was grinded grain from Philadelphia, Bayonne, Bordeaux, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg and St. Petersburg, in response to strong demand from constantly growing population and even sending flour to Havana. In 1860 the mills were sold to Nicolas Fernandez and Jose Rodriguez, who took advantage of the recovery of the milling industry in the region because a new heyday in shipbuilding. This tide mill, the largest of the nine preserved in Galicia, closed its doors midway through the 1960s, and today unfortunately abandoned, walks to his ruin.




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