The adventure lived aboard Naomh Gobnait becomes a novel in Homes de Ferro

Ézaro Ediciones publishes Homes de Ferro, the new novel by Alfredo Conde that has as reference the adventure lived by four Irish friends aboard the boat rebuilt at the initiative of Buxa, a symbol of the Camino by sea. This initiative is part of the O teu Xacobeo program, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia.
Homes de Ferro recounts the trip undertaken in 2014 by a group of Irish friends who decided to build a boat in which to embark on the Camino rowing from Dublin to Santiago de Compostela. A journey that would involve a journey of 2,500 kilometers by sea and that they did in a spaced way over three years.
Although the names that appear in the novel are real and correspond to real beings, Homes de Ferro is not a journalistic chronicle and does not intend to supply a documentary. According to the author, Alfredo Conde, “it is a novel built from a reality in which most of the facts are true but not what each of the characters thinks that is the expression of my freedom as a novelist when it comes to imagining their thoughts and reaction.”.
In addition to the Galician edition, Homes de Ferro is going to be edited translated into Spanish and English. The Spanish edition will be available in bookstores at the beginning of the year.




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