A Freixa Power Plant

Since 1899, the hydroelectric power plant of “Eléctrica de la Puebla” supplied electricity in A Pobra do Carmiñal, and since 1904 in Ribeira too. In order to be able to provide a better service during the low seasons, in 1909

La Minerva

From the ruins of “La Torre del Río” the Rivero de Aguilar family built around 1847 a paper mill that would become in 1862 the first continuous paper factory that existed Galicia

Eloy Domínguez

“Cerámica Domínguez del Noroeste” (CEDONOSA)

Industrial history around Vigo’s Bay

A new tour -the fourth one- on the industrial history around Vigo’s Bay

Galicia of Industry Award

The Official College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia, in collaboration with the Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia, has honoured us with the awarding of the Galicia Industry Award announced this year. The jury recognizes with these awards “good practices