Battleships’ Factory

January 4th, 2016


You can purchase yet the splendid work of José María de Juan-García Aguado “The factory of battleships: the Spanish Society for Naval Construction at Ferrol (1909-1936)”, in which this Association participated to make possible its publication.

Merry Christmas, and a better New Year

December 20th, 2015
2015-12-19_Santo André de Teixido_Nadal 2015

Mencer en Santo André de Teixido (sabe alguén quen foi o fotógrafo?)

Boo’s tanning factory

December 3rd, 2015

Fábrica de curtumes de Antonio Boo (Manuel Lara, 2015)

Of the remarkable tanning industry that performed in Chantada, Antonio Boo’s leather factory, better known as “a do merluza”, is the only one surviving the devastating effort of our times.

Slaughterhouse of Lugo Municipality

November 3rd, 2015
2015-11-03_20151030_165438 (Emilio Valadé del Río)

O que fora Matadoiro Municipal de Lugo (Emilio Valadé del Río, 2015)

The courtesy and kindness of Professor Emilio Valadé del Río gave us information about the recovered Slaughterhouse of Lugo Municipality, today Exhibition Hall of “Porta Miñá”, the Miño Gate or Carmen Gate that opens in the bi-millennial wall. Along this week we will complete the corresponding record-card in our inventory (it will reach number 383!).

Earth and Fire in the Ria of Ferrol

October 17th, 2015

2015-10-17_Libro Justino

The splendid work of Justino Fernández Negral, gathered in a care volume published by “Ensenada de Ézaro Ediciones” is already on sale in bookstores. Our members are receiving this book as a well-deserved gift.

Industrial Experience in As Pontes

October 8th, 2015
2015-10-08_Industria viva_IMG_8593

O Director de GALPARQUET atende aos visitantes [Cortesía de DELOGA, 2015]

By courtesy of the Municipality of As Pontes, and conducted by DELOGA, the company that developed the project “As Pontes Industrial Experience”, we participated in the last guided tour of this phase. This time, the company visited was Galparquet, part of the Group of companies founded by Roberto Tojeiro Díaz, the great entrepreneur of As Pontes.

The guided tours to the “living industry” complement and complete the knowledge of our industrial heritage, and, accordingly, they strengthen the foundations of our close collective memory, giving a greater intelligibility to our history and to the impact of the industrialization in our culture.

Salt Lake Farm

September 23rd, 2015

Granxa das Salinas (Manuel Lara, 2015)

This impressive footprint of past productive activity in the Cove of San Simon, is waiting for an intervention that can ensure its future.

Buxa 2015 Research Prize

August 11th, 2015


In this European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year, Buxa, the Association for the Galicia’s Industrial Heritage summons the Buxa 2015 Research Prize. Click here to review the terms and conditions.

Alemparte’s Foundry Mills

July 9th, 2015

“Yuqui” medita diante do que queda da fundición (Alejandro Diéguez, abril do 2013)

The walls are the only remains of what was once outstanding heiress of the Sargadelos’ learning.

Traditional Boats

June 22nd, 2015
2015-06-22_20080805 Cobas-El Ponto 017

Enseada do Ponto (Manuel Lara, 2008)

From July 9th through 12th of the current, it will take place at Cabo da Cruz (Boiro) the XII Meeting of Traditional Boats of Galicia (